Goal Realization and What it means to you

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Goal Realization and What it means to you

You could set goals all day long, but if you do not have purpose or meaning, what would it mean to you? Goals are successes and accomplishments we achieve unconsciously or consciously. To help you understand goals and how it works, we can consider the basics.

The primary goals in life include getting through elementary. Next to follow is junior high and then high school. Once you finish high school, you begin to consider the college you will attend. You start to go through a chain of changes, which sometimes makes it challenging to decide. You start college and go for a year or two before realizing what you want from your career. Once you get through with college, you move into a job.

This is where people often stay most times. However, some people move further to open a goal to start their own business. Some people are satisfied working for others. Still, once the job is situated, people often move toward establishing credit further, buying a home, marrying, and starting a family.

Now, I want you to take a test and decide where you are with your goals and where you intend to go.

Are you finished with college? Do you have a career? Is the job fulfilling? Does it have meaning? What is your purpose? Do you intend to start a business in the future? Do you know what this entails?

Ok, say you intend to start a business in five years. What do you have written in your plans to achieve the goals? In other words, what actions and efforts do you intend to use to accomplish the goals? What are the consequences? Once you open the business, are you prepared for the changes that come along with the business?

For instance, are you considering insurance? Do you consider overhead, costs, expenses, and the like while planning to achieve your goal? What type of business do you intend to open? What is the meaning? What is your purpose?

Establishing meaning and purpose provides a starting point. If you learn your meaning and purpose, you have a clearer path to your future. Therefore, when you plan and set goals, make sure that you consider all details of your plans.

 For instance, I intend to open a business in five years. What does it include? What will it hold for my future? What are the financial obligations? Can I manage my budget to meet these expenses? Do I have a backup plan in case my ultimate goal fails?

Setting goals provide us with ambition. Goals take us to objectives, aims, and targets in life. Goals provide us hope and offer us the desire to achieve. Goals are our wants and wishes in life.

 As you can see, setting goals is essential. If you do not set goals, you will miss hope, fulfillment, completeness, and the like. In other words, if you do not have goals, you will not fulfill your desires and wants; thus, incompleteness creeps in. Now think of your wants.


What do I desire?

What is it I wish for in life?

What would I like?

What do I crave?

What are my requirements?

What do I need?

What aspires me? What is my aim?

Now consider the downside of goals, i.e., not setting goals, not finding meaning and purpose.

Think of:







Keep thinking until you get the point.

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