Dogs as Pets for Christmas

Dogs as Pets for Christmas

Dogs are pretty much the ultimate pet for kids as well as adults.  As mentioned earlier, all dogs descend from wolves, the only wild animal that will cohabit with man.  Dogs are pack animals and rely heavily on socialization.  It is criminal to leave dogs alone for long periods as they are not solitary hunters.  Dogs hunt in packs and rely on companionship to live.

Most kids will beg for a dog at least once in their lives.  A dog is the ideal pet for kids and can teach you a lot about the world and yourself. 

Dogs rely on routine and have the mentality of a two-year-old.  They love unconditionally and only want to please you.  Besides the love you give your child, there is no better way to demonstrate this emotion than by giving your child a dog.  

Dogs are quite a bit of work, particularly if you plan to get a puppy.  A puppy will get into everything.  They like to chew and go after shoes and anything else they can get their little paws on.  They can be quite destructive.

Puppies also take quite some time to be housebroken.  A puppy cannot be expected to be fully trained until they are about one year old.  Before that time, a puppy cannot control himself to wait to go outside.  Expecting a small puppy to be trained is like expecting a small child to be trained.  You have to have patience when getting a small puppy.

This does not mean that you have to allow the puppy to run riot all over the house, destroying carpeting and furniture.  Dogs like having their own “den.”  This is a sense of security for a dog, and your puppy will not mind being crated when you are not watching them.  You can keep your puppy in a crate at night so they do not have any accidents. 

During the day, you can use a baby gate to keep the puppy in an area that can be confined without doing damage.  Many people choose to keep the puppy in the kitchen as the floor is usually tile or linoleum and easy to clean if there is an accident.  

Young children cannot be expected to train a puppy; this feat is difficult for most adults.  Young children can be taught how to play with the puppy and feed the animal.  Unlike cats, a dog will eat until it bursts.  You have to feed a dog a few times a day, and you should do this on a set schedule.  This will allow the dog to become accustomed to eating at a specific time and regulate its bowels.  The trick to having harmony with a dog in the house is routine.  

While young children can be taught how to feed the dog, older children can learn how to pick up after accidents and bathe the dog.  Unlike cats, dogs require a bath now and then to keep them from smelling.  Most dogs hate baths, but it is necessary unless you want your dog to stink to high heaven.  If the dog is small, your children should have no trouble bathing the dog.  They have to make sure that the water is at room temperature and that doggie shampoo is used on the fur.  After the dog gets out of the tub, they will want to shake to remove all of the water.  They can then be towel dried.  You can even use a hairdryer on the dog, which they will probably like.  

Another chore that the children can participate in when caring for the dog is brushing the dog.  Dogs should be brushed to keep their coats looking good.  It will also keep the dog clean and remove any excess hair shed all over the house.  Dogs with longer hair should be brushed more often than short hair.  Dogs generally like being brushed, as they like the attention, and should sit fine for the kids to brush them.  

Taking the dog for a walk is yet another chore that the kids can do.  A walk should be done in the morning and the evening as part of the dog’s routine.  It also gets to be part of the routine of everyone in the household.  Although this is work, this can be a blessing.  Today, many people are so stressed out because there is “so much to do.”  This includes even young school kids.  Having a dog and walking it at the same time every day brings some order into an otherwise un-orderly life and can improve life for the family by alleviating some stress. 

Everyone begins to expect the routine of walking the dog, and it becomes second nature.  

Walking, brushing, feeding, and bathing are all things that children can do to help take care of the dog.  When it comes to playing with the dog, you will not have to ask the children to do this.  The dog and the children will get along famously and play together all of the time.  

The type of play will depend on the kind of dog.  Most dogs love going out into the yard with the kids and running around.  Kids can throw the ball to the dog and teach them to catch it. Larger dogs used to cold weather will enjoy going out in the snow and playing with the kids. 

If you have a fenced-in yard, the dog and the kids can play together happily for hours.  

Dogs can be very protective of children.  Some dogs will look at the children as their “charges” and treat them accordingly.  Your children are a bit safer if they are at the park with their dog than if they are at the park alone.  Many predators are wary of dogs, and dogs seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out danger.  This is not to say that you should leave your young children at the park alone with the dog as their sole protection, but that the dog is an extra added protective layer for your children and you.   People who want to harm another person are less likely to approach someone who has a dog.  

Your dog will require a lot of vet care as well.  In some municipalities, you may have to register the dog with the city.  It will have a license number, and in case the dog gets lost, you have a better chance of getting the dog returned.  The license number is a way to track down the dog’s owner if the dog bites someone.  If your dog gets loose and bites someone, you will have to provide proof of rabies vaccination, or the dog will be destroyed.  If the dog bites someone in an unprovoked attack, you are better off getting rid of the animal, especially if you have children.

Although they are predators, most dogs will not bite unless threatened and rarely attack those with whom they live.  However, a dog may use their mouth as a way to lead you somewhere.  They may try to grab your hand, using their mouth, to pull you to see something.  If your dog does this, follow them as the chances are that you need to see whatever the dog wants to show you.  There have been countless cases of people being saved by their dogs who led another person to save them.  

Children who have dogs in the family are most likely to spend more time playing with the dog than watching television.   The dog can also go with the family on different outings.  Several chain pet stores allow dogs in the store, which can be a treat for both the kids and your dog.

Dogs are not born to know how to walk correctly on a leash.  Most dogs will pull at a leash and have the urge to take off.  If you have small children, it may seem as the dog is taking them for a walk, rather than the other way around.  You can take your children with you to take your dog to obedience school.  Here, you can teach the dog to walk on the lead and other simple commands, such as sitting or lying down.  This can be an excellent activity for the entire family.

Dogs can be trained to do many things and make very loyal pets.  However, they do require work and patience and are not for people who do not want to take the time to teach the dog to behave.  If you decide to take the time for a dog, expect your life to slow down a bit.  Realize that you will have to adhere to some routine.  For most people, this can be a way for the family to re-connect.  A dog is the ultimate pet for children as well as adults.  

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