The Death Of A Pet after Christmas

The Death Of A Pet after Christmas Dogs live on average about 13 years, depending on the size and the breed.  Cats can live for 20 years if kept indoors.  Rabbits average around ten years, and other animals live shorter life spans.  Chances are, and you hope, that your child will outlive your pet.   TheContinue reading “The Death Of A Pet after Christmas”

Teaching Your Kids To Care For Their Pets

Teaching Your Kids To Care For Their Pets Kids will tell you anything you want to hear when they get a pet.  The first thing they will say will be that they will “take care of it.” Most children have no idea about the responsibility of a pet.  Adults, on the other hand, know plenty. Continue reading “Teaching Your Kids To Care For Their Pets”

Ferrets A Friendly Playful Pet

Ferrets A Friendly Playful Pet Ferrets, often considered a rare pet to own. Most individuals choose dogs, cats, birds, or fish to complete their family; however, a select few turn to the ferret for its social, playful, curious qualities. Ferrets love to play and explore with others and their owners and on their own. ForContinue reading “Ferrets A Friendly Playful Pet”

Is A Guinea Pig Right For You

Is A Guinea Pig Right For You If you are thinking about getting a pet for your home, you might want to consider a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are lovable, furry little critters that will bring you a lot of joy.  In addition, guinea pigs can be a perfect first pet for children because theyContinue reading “Is A Guinea Pig Right For You”

Pets To Avoid for Children at Christmas

Pets To Avoid for Children at Christmas You will want to avoid any pet that can potentially harm your children.  Aggressive dogs such as pit bull terriers, who are mainly bred for fighting, should not be around children.  Those with these animals will disagree with such a statement and defend the breed.  However, you onlyContinue reading “Pets To Avoid for Children at Christmas”

Where To Shop For Pets for Christmas

 Where To Shop For Pets for Christmas If you have decided to get a pet for your children, consider adopting a dog or a cat from the local animal shelter.  When you rescue an animal from the pound, you will find a loyal and devoted companion for life.  It is almost as if the animalContinue reading “Where To Shop For Pets for Christmas”

Cats as a Pet for Christmas

Cats as a Pet for Christmas Cats are quickly replacing dogs as the most favored pet in the United States.  Man’s best friend has found himself playing second fiddle to these frisky felines for one reason – cats require very little work.  Cats are the ideal pet for anyone who doesn’t have the time forContinue reading “Cats as a Pet for Christmas”

Rabbits as a Christmas Gift for Children

Rabbits as a Christmas Gift for Children Rabbits have always been popular pets.  Each Easter, children are given rabbits by well-meaning parents thinking that the rabbit will not live a long time.  Despite their relatively short gestation period, rabbits live, on average, about ten years.  They are not a pet to be taken lightly, andContinue reading “Rabbits as a Christmas Gift for Children”

Birds as Pets for Children

Birds as Pets for Children Birds are usually easy to care for and can make charming pets for people but are not much fun for children.  Birds can chirp and create a musical sound.  While some people allow their birds to fly all over the house, this is not usually advisable as there is noContinue reading “Birds as Pets for Children”

Reptiles as Pets for Children for Christmas

Reptiles as Pets for Children for Christmas Some children like reptiles for pets. And small turtles used to be a trendy pet to give to a child many years ago.  Reptiles and amphibians make good pets for children who enjoy these exotic creatures but require a lot of care.   Most reptiles and amphibians can beContinue reading “Reptiles as Pets for Children for Christmas”