Do You Expect Good Things to Happen in Your Life?

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Do You Expect Good Things to Happen in Your Life?

Research has shown that if we expect good things to happen in our lives, they often do. Feeling positive isn’t some magic formula that guarantees good. Still, there is a direct link between our feelings of positive expectations and the release of endorphins in our brain that act as natural painkillers. In turn, these help us deal with the stress and difficulties and think clearly enough to be able to create possible solutions to them.

The reverse happens when we have low expectations of positive outcomes. If we think negatively about things, the release of these same endorphins is inhibited. We tend to feel more depressed, and it becomes difficult to think about positive outcomes when the situation appears hopeless. Once this cycle continues, we need something to happen to change the perspective and provide us with some optimism to kick-start the flow of hormones again.

The influence of other people’s positive expectations of our performance also influences our expectations of ourselves. Teachers and parents who have positive expectations of a student’s ability to produce a specific standard of work within the student’s capability often see continuous improvement in their work. Low expectations often have low results.

There are numerous examples of underachievement in our schools. When provided with teachers gifted to help them believe in themselves, those same students can often improve their grades and excel. This same attitude can turn a failing business into a profitable company if those charged with strategic planning believe in the products and services they are marketing to customers. 

A motivated person with high expectations of themselves and belief in what they want to achieve will seek ways to achieve their goals and dreams. This, in turn, produces endorphins that help maintain the focus even when there are barriers in front of them. Each small success increases the positive expectations and outcomes. An unmotivated person is weighed down by self-doubt, risks focusing on negative results and expectations, and often cannot see the small successes as necessary stepping stones to more significant ones.

If you are in a state of low self-expectation and negative thinking, surround yourself with positive people who can help you to focus and believe in yourself and what you want to achieve with your life. Do you expect good outcomes in your life?

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