How To Write A Resume

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How To Write A Resume

So you want to know how to write a resume, do you? Maybe you are a recent graduate and are just beginning your job search with a diploma in hand. Perhaps you already have a job and think you may want to switch careers or companies some time down the road. 

Even if you already have a job, it is always a good idea to have a current resume if you decide you want to change careers or find yourself downsized. But learning how to write a resume can be one of the most important skills you can acquire in the business world.

Start by gathering all the information you will need to construct the resume. This is the first step in knowing how to write a resume. The writing process will be much easier when you have all of the information close at hand. You will need to know the names of the last three places you have worked at, along with their address and telephone numbers. Take a moment and jot down the dates you worked there your job title, and your job duties.

When writing a resume, you also need to have your education information. It depends on where you are in life as to what you include here. Most people just include high school and any college. You’ll need the dates and any diplomas received as well as areas of study and any awards received like honors. Include the name of the school as well as the address.

The sections of your resume should include job experience, educational experience, skills, awards and achievements, and references. If you are a member of an organization or club, have a separate section for that as well. You can choose to include other sections when learning how to write a resume, but these are the basic ones that most people use.

 In the “references” section, you should just have a sentence that says, “References are available upon request.”  However, if the ad for the job you are applying for asks you to include references, change the sentence to “References are attached” and include a separate reference sheet.

When writing a resume, you must be very professional and use positive words. Your resume is what a prospective employer will see first, so you want to make an excellent first impression! Look online for websites that teach you how to write a resume too. Then put together a resume you can be proud of and go out there and get that job!

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