6 Ways to help your employees beat stress and work more

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6 Ways to help your employees beat stress and work more

Most employers dream of having a well-motivated enthusiastic workforce producing high-quality products on time and within budget. It does not have to be a dream, and sometimes only minor changes can have a significant impact. Here are 6 ways to improve morale and productivity in your workers.

If you would like your business to employ highly motivated and high-energy level employees, then investing in the workplace atmosphere and facilities will help reduce workplace stress. Research confirms that if your employees are stressed, that will cost you even more money in missed workdays and increased on-the-job injuries over both the short term and the long term. 

In addition to the negative repercussions of having stressed-out employees, your business may be experiencing lower productivity and poor output quality. Some very cost-effective strategies could minimize stress on the job and provide your employees with opportunities to reduce other stress-related problems. 

Below is a list of 6 ways in which you can help your company reduce stress for your employees while increasing the output of your business:

1. Provide an attractive and comfortable work environment whenever possible to reduce stress. Pleasant surroundings can do more for a person’s attitude than we often realize. Create a less formal atmosphere by adding plants or improved decoration; even if that is just in a restroom, it will help.

2. Supply a quiet room for your employees to take their breaks in. Not the lunchroom or games room. This room should be separate from the workplace’s usual “hustle and bustle.” It will give your employees an opportunity for a quick 10-minute break from work and any work-related stress that they may be experiencing.

3. Instead of giving orders 100% of the time, try to create opportunities for employees to make decisions that will directly affect their job performance. This gives them a sense of personal power and less stress because they feel they have some control.

4. Thank your employees for work accomplished and recognize them for exemplary performance. A quick thank you will go a long way in reducing complaints and stress. Be genuine and only thank when workers have worked well; otherwise, you will be rewarding sub-standard activities.

5. Always choose ergonomically sound equipment, tools, and furniture. These will make work easier for your staff, reduce workplace injuries, and limit any compensation claims. In addition, workplace stress will be reduced, and the team will be more productive equipped with the correct tools.

6. Go out of your way to create opportunities for the employees to meet, socialize and build relationships away from work. Set up a bowling team from work where you gather and play once a week or maybe a softball team, or even a book club, for employees only.

When staff realizes you have their interests in mind and are doing all you can to improve working conditions, they will respond, and you will see an improved atmosphere and productivity.

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