Dental Care For Dogs

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Dental Care For Dogs

Not many people understand the importance of dental care in maintaining dogs’ general health and well-being.  Just like humans, dogs need regular dental care.  It is the responsibility of owners to make sure that they get it.  A responsible dog owner takes care of their dog’s teeth.

Food residue can accumulate on your dog’s teeth just as it does on your teeth.  It quickly leads to tartar and plaque build-up, causing tooth decay and gum disease.  All the things you know about dental care in humans apply to your dog too.

If you neglect your dog’s dental care, it can lead to pain for the dog.  The pain will stop them from eating, and their health will suffer as a result.  An even more serious consequence of tooth decay is diseases and ulcerated gums that can cause blood poisoning if left untreated.

Even if you avoid giving your dog sweet treats, they are at risk of dental decay.  So it is essential to pay attention to dental hygiene when caring for your dog.  Dental care is vital to maintaining your dog’s health.

Brushing is essential.  A small soft brush is best.  You can get a specially designed canine brush from your veterinarian or dog food supplier.

Remember that a dog’s sense of smell and taste is far more acute than ours, so don’t use toothpaste intended for human beings.  It is too strongly flavored and would distress a dog.  Canine toothpaste usually has a meaty flavor that your dog will like.

Begin your dental care regime when your dog is a puppy.  They get used to having their teeth brushed and regard it as part of their regular grooming routine.  Start with small sessions at first.  It would be best if you built up your dog’s trust to let you clean their teeth.

Your choice of food is also important.  A Dog needs to crunch and chew their food.  In the wild, they are used to crunching bones.  They need to have a dog bone or chew toys.  It is a valuable part of your dog’s dental care.

Dry food and biscuits are better than canned dog meat for dental care.  They help keep the teeth clean and do not build up on the teeth allowing bacteria to multiply.  Some biscuits are specially designed for cleaning a dog’s teeth.  These make a good treat for good behavior.  You will know that you have taken care of your dog’s dental health, and your dog will feel rewarded.

If your dog has dental problems, you will get a face full of bad breath every time he greets you.

Eventually, you will get a massive bill from your veterinarian.  Dog dentistry is costly.  Also, it is dangerous because it needs an anesthetic.  So avoid it if you can be paying attention to your dog’s dental care.

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