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Heart Worm, Fleas And Other Parasites

We all want to make sure our dogs are protected from heartworms, fleas, and other parasites like hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, lice, ticks, and other nasty critters that compromise a dog’s health and happiness. There are many new products on the market designed to protect dogs.

Among one of the most challenging pests is the flea. Fleas cause serious reactions that are indicated by severe itching and scratching. This can lead to severe infections and dermatitis, which is difficult and expensive to treat. Fleas also move from pets to people and surroundings. Anyone who’s had a flea-infected carpet or couch can testify to the challenge of getting rid of the pests.

Flea infestations make it difficult for dogs to lie down or sleep. In short, fleas make your precious pet miserable. Not even a dog deserves this life.

Ticks are a serious threat to your dog’s health and happiness. Tick bites can lead to secondary bacterial infections, indicated by puss, swelling, and bad odors. Tick infestations can cause your dog to become anemic, to become weak, and unable to resist other infections and diseases.

If you suspect your dog has fleas or ticks, carefully inspect their fur and skin. Fleas are small, but you’ll be able to see them crawling and jumping around near the roots of the fur. Ticks become large and swollen with your dog’s blood and are easy to spot on close examination. Your vet can also test for the presence of these parasites.

If your vet diagnoses your dog with anemia, it may be caused by various problems. Anemia is not a disease in itself. It is an indicator of disease. Symptoms of anemia are lethargy and loss of the pink color in your dog’s gums. Usually, 30-35% of a dog’s blood is red blood cells. When it falls below that, your dog is probably anemic.

It is essential to ensure he has regular exams at the vet’s office to protect your dog. This should include analysis of fecal and blood samples to assure your dog is free from parasites like hookworms.

Your vet can recommend any one of several new medications to deal with these conditions in a single dose. Many new products are effective and can be administered by injection, orally, or by application to the skin. Better yet, many of these drugs can be used as preventive measures to protect your dog before it falls prey to life-threatening parasites.

So please follow up with your dog’s health with regular vet check-ups.

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