How To Get Action By Talking

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How To Get Action By Talking

It is very important to listen to what other people have to say. It is also essential for others to listen to what you say. These tips will teach you how to create the most impact from what you say.

Get the Other Person’s Attention

The first thing you must do when trying to make a point is get the other person’s attention. Make sure the other person is listening to you before you begin talking. If the other person is not listening to you, you are wasting your time trying to get through to him.

Make Your Message Understood

Make sure the other person can fully understand your message. Don’t use language or terms the other person will not understand.

Fill Your Message with Benefits

People want to hear what you will do for them, not what you want from them. Fill your message with benefits. The following two sentences show how this concept works. “I can show you how to be a better person if you listen to me” is much more appealing than. “Listen to me because I am smarter than you.”

Begin Discussions with Agreements

When you begin a conversation, open with something about which you have a mutual understanding and on which both of you can agree. Here is an example of this concept: IF you want someone to turn the lights off when, not in use, you should not say, “keep the lights off, you *@$!!”; instead, you should say, “We both want to conserve energy, don’t we? So could you please turn off the lights when you leave the room?”

Give Reasons for Your Requests

Don’t tell someone to do something just because you want him to or because it is a policy or rule. Give him a reason to listen to you. If you ask someone to follow a policy or rule, tell him why you expect him to follow it. Don’t just tell someone to do something – give him a benefit-oriented reason for doing it.

Changing Subjects

If you are going to change the subject during a conversation, tell the listener that you will be moving on to another topic. If you confuse your listener, they may not listen. It is easier for a person not to listen than to try to follow a confusing conversation.

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