Practicing Gratitude Part 2

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Practicing Gratitude Part 2

Counteract Negativity

When you begin to practice gratitude in your life, it can help you cope with the negative emotions you feel and the challenging situations you face. As you worked through the consciousness exercise, you should have started to notice that you experienced a sense of increased positivity and contentment.

This happens because when we think about the things that we are grateful for, we actively choose to focus on the positive emotion and good things in our lives. This positivity can be harnessed to help us through the more challenging times.

By bringing positivity to stressful situations, you can shift your focus to a more positive response, leading to more energy and positivity to deal with the problematic situation.

Learning to counteract negativity is not to suggest that you live a life of relentless optimism because such a perspective is unrealistic and can do more harm than good.

Instead, using gratitude to counteract negativity is not about feeling positive all the time, but rather learning how to be grateful for what you do have and gaining a greater sense of happiness during times of turmoil, and providing you with more resilience to cope with difficulties.

Incorporating gratitude in your life will help you achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and bring more happiness into your life. While it won’t prevent you from experiencing hardships, gratitude can create a more positive outlook and allow you to accept the adverse situations from a healthier perspective. This can let you solve issues more efficiently and help you to better deal with the adversity you’ll face throughout your life.

Stay Grateful When Striving For Your Goals

You may be thinking that gratitude runs contrary to ambition. If you focus on being happy with what you have, you may believe that you will never strive to better yourself. However, this isn’t the case. Studies have shown that incorporating a practice of gratitude in your life will help you progress toward your personal goals.

Practicing gratitude enables you to notice what is essential in your life and waste less energy on negativity and unimportant things. Practicing gratitude can also make you more inclined toward solving problems, more energetic, and more determined to achieve your goals.

Gratitude has also been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, which can help to increase your quality of work and quality of life when you are in more pressured situations. So, while you may end up being less focused on your ambitions, you are more likely to succeed because you are grateful for where you are in your life.

Gratitude can help you stand out for the right reasons, allow you to make the progress you want toward your goals, and help you be more content with the life you currently have.

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