How to Motivate Yourself and Move On

Picking yourself back up after a fall is difficult. The most challenging part is perhaps trying to motivate yourself to do it. So how do you motivate yourself and move on? Here are a few ways how.

  1. Set goals

The key to getting motivation is setting specific goals. You have to list down a list of goals that you would like to achieve.

  • Start small

Remember to start small first. Start with making a list of goals for each day. Baby steps first! So once you can achieve your mini daily goal, you can now move on to bigger things.

  • Set a timeline

Have a timeline to which you have to adhere to. For example, your goal will be to run in a half marathon race before the age of 30. So with that goal set firmly in your mind, you can start making mini-goals from there to achieve the big goal in the end. You can start training for your half marathon run by training every day first. Then after that, you start small with a 5km run, and you move on to a 10k run, and finally, when you are ready, you can go for a half-marathon run.

  • Walk the talk

You may think that you are the best, but you also need to start proving it.  It is all right to talk, but you also need to walk the talk. So start doing it. Start taking up new things to prove that you can do it too. Don’t let these new experiences pass by because you THINK you cant do it.

  • Be persistent.

Don’t procrastinate! Motivation and success are inseparable. You can’t have success without motivation. The most successful people in the world may not be the smartest or the most talented, but they are the most motivated. So remember to be persistent in your goals. It will never do to procrastinate and put off what you have to do today till tomorrow.

Most importantly, remember that if you ever fall down again, get back up and try again. You need to treat failure as feedback for success. So start your day tomorrow by achieving something great!

Published by cafeboss2503

I am a Retail manager with over 30 years of experience and stories. I started as a shift manager and worked my way up to Regional Management positions. I also enjoy a good cup of Coffee.

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