3 Tips to Handle Feedback

  • Being Open to Feedback 

Good day and Greetings from the Cafe.

Wanted to share some advice that I gave one of my students this week. They had a hard time with a review from their supervisor.

Even when we feel that criticism is unfair and subjective, it is best to open up and learn from it.

Here are three ways for responding to feedback proposed by the Harvard Business Review: 

  1. Don’t react immediately: Feedback should not be dismissed when given. By being calm and respectful, you allow the space for the feedback to be heard. Most people who provide feedback have a good intention, the intention being to improve something. You might disagree with the opinion, but it might trigger a good thinking process. 
  • Understand the feedback: Since the objective of constructive feedback is to improve. It is essential to understand what we are being asked to correct. Make the other person feel heard by asking questions to clarify their point and bring some insight into the reason behind the feedback. You can use an old trick by therapists to rephrase what you have heard to make sure it is understood clearly. 
  • Don’t let it get to you: It might come across as you are the problem, or the problem is directly connected to one of your behaviors. If that is the case, don’t let personal criticism get to you and your confidence. Use the information to help you grow and let go of what you cannot control (such as people’s opinions of you). 

Have an Awesome and hope to see you soon at the “Cafe Boss”

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I am a Retail manager with over 30 years of experience and stories. I started as a shift manager and worked my way up to Regional Management positions. I also enjoy a good cup of Coffee.

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